About Us


Yoga is 99% practise and 1% theory
Sri K Pattabhi Jois, founder Ashtanga yoga

Our aim is to provide high standard yoga classes in Prestwich, Manchester. We like to teach small groups of students as we feel we can focus on everyone in the class, this then helps you to develop your yoga for your personal achievement.  It also allows us to give you modifications in postures so the practise becomes truly yours.

We feel yoga is the key to living in harmony in these crazy fast paced times. It gives you a chance to slow down and look after your own well-being as well as improving your fitness, flexibility, strength and stamina.

A calm mind is a focused mind. Through yoga, by strengthening your body, you strengthen your mind.

We both regularly attend workshops and classes with our own teachers. This helps us to maintain a high standard of teaching. We strive to learn more about yoga as this is a path of continual development.