Yoga Snippets

Satya -Truthfulness

The sanskrit word for truth is Satya. It is one of the yamas, the guidelines for living well in society. According to Patanjali Yoga Sutras 2:36 & translated by S. T Krishnamacharya “One who shows a high degree of the right communication will not fail in their actions&#... Read More

Gayatri Mantra

If you have been a student of mine for 2 years, you will already know 2 chants. Here’s the latest chant I’ve learnt & you can learn if you come to my class. I teach call & response until there are enough students who know the chant, so I’m not out there ... Read More


There are many translations for ahimsa. The generic meaning is non-violence in thought word & dead. It is the first of the yamas, one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Yamas are guidelines for our society, which would be a far better place if more people tried to adhere to these guidel... Read More

Short Yoga Practise

This is a great sequence to wake you up, maintain a healthy spine & digestive system. It takes around 15 mins & once you get going, feel free to add to it. If you don’t do yoga, please attend classes first before attempting the yoga by yourself. If you have any inju... Read More

Yoga for the Eyes

Try these yogic eye exercises everyday for a month, especially if you are at a computer all day, or if you wear glasses. Palming – rub your palms together, place them on your eyes for a few mins, breathing slow and steady Side-ways viewing – Thumbs out to the side, e... Read More

Bhastrika Pranayama

This is best learnt from a teacher who practises it regularly, but here are a few basic instructions; sit up straight yet relaxed in either sukhasana, padmasana or virasana (crossed-legs, lotus, kneeling) with the hands resting on the knees and do a few rounds of full yogic breat... Read More

Pavanmuktasana – joint freeing sequence

This is a sequence devised by Mukunda Stiles. It is a way of analysing your range of movement (ROM) in each joint. This then gives you a sound knowledge of a. what is “normal” ROM b. where in your body is weak, as opposed to what is tight. c. movements to reduce pain... Read More

Gift vouchers

Unsure of what to get someone for a special occasion or as a thank you? How about a gift voucher. You can have one for private tuition, a class/course or for Thai massage. Contact us for details and to discuss how much you want the voucher for. What a perfect gift.... Read More

Morning Cleansing Routine

I read an article about a recommended morning cleansing routine to rid the body of toxins that build up in the mouth, nasal passage and in the eyes. The toxins are released overnight, whilst we sleep and the body is repairing itself. Now, I’m not claiming this to be true, b... Read More

Psoas Muscle

Where is the psoas muscle? The psoas goes from the lower spine and crosses over the pelvis to the upper inner thigh. There are 2, 1 on each side of the spine (shown in red on the image). What does it do? They are hip-flexors so they lift the legs and flex the trunk as in [&helli... Read More