Thank you to all my teachers and to my friends who have supported me on this journey.


I first caught the yoga bug in 1995 when I went to my first yoga class with Christine Howitt at Bodywise (in the Buddist Centre Manchester). I couldn’t believe how stretched I felt after and also this feeling of calmness. The class focused on re-aligning the body, which I liked. I continued going to Christine regularly,  until I felt I needed a more dymanic practise. I then began to practise Ashtanga yoga. I liked the fast pace of the class and so I went on a yoga holiday to Yoga Plus, Crete. Here, during Mysore-style self-practise, Radha and Pierre came and help me in asanas which require some adjustments, as this is how the yoga is practised in India. I decided to deepen my knowledge of yoga by attending teacher training with Brian Cooper as his course was based on the Ashtanga sequence, but with Iyengar influenced alignment and also traditional yoga practises (pranayama, shatkarmas etc) I completed my 200hr teacher training in July 2006. I attend workshops with a variety of respected yoga teachers. I now combine the knowledge I have gained in my teaching, which I prefer to call Traditional Hatha yoga, as that is exactly what it is.

Apart from Christine, I have been strongly influenced by Mukunda Stiles & Julie Gudmestad. Both teachers teach pain-free yoga, which is how I teach my students. From Mukunda I learned his Pawanmuktasana, a sequence to free the joints & move through all the body in a pain-free way. Julie is a trained physio & Iyengar teacher from whom I have learned my love of anatomy. With Christine, I focus on the more refined points of the breath combined with movement to increase vitality.

I have a regular yoga practise which consists of mantra asana pranyama yoga nidra and meditation.I feel my yoga practise gives me focus, a calmer mind and a healthy body.

I am still a student of Christine as I feel it is important to always have a teacher.


Strength comes from within


My interest in pilates first came to came to light when I joined a gym in 2001. I wasn’t interested in bulking up with huge free weights but I wanted a very strong lean body with the flexibility to match so pilates fitted the bill, but I noted the emphasis on the importance on a strong spine/core (abdominal) strength.

I underwent my teacher training in the summer of 2003 at the Pilates Institute of London under the tutelage of Michael King who some may say was responsible for bringing pilates to the UK. After intense training and the studying of human anatomy and physiology I qualified as a teacher in 2005.

I am working in Manchester in various leading gymnasiums. I also work for the University of Manchester and in the local community teaching and promoting the benefits of pilates to those whose jobs range from professional dancers to desk bound employees.

I have been an Ashtanga yoga practitioner for 7 years and I studied with Brian Cooper of Yoga Alliance UK. I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in April 09.